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Since 1987, SIDEMSA has been selling, installing and repairing handling equipment, handling and transporting loads.

We are distributors of hoists, rotating cranes, overhead cranes, winches, vacuum manipulators, lifting tables ...

We distribute leading European brands such as JD Neuhaus, Donati, Gebuwin and Manupac. We also have our own technical office and workshop where we design and manufacture the necessary auxiliary elements for the implementation of these equipment. In some cases the equipment is developed entirely by us.

Our clients belong to very diverse sectors. The vast majority are from the industrial sector (automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, food ...) although there are some of the construction sector.

Featured products



For handling bags, we have our model MSS60 vacuum manipulator



For the manipulation of coils, we have four models of manipulators.


Drum manipulators

With MSB100 we can hold the drums either through its top cover or through its cylindrical surface

Manual, electric and pneumatic winches

The winches are ideal equipment for the drag and elevation of loads, which require large hook paths

Electric cable hoists

Ideal for medium and large loads. Wide range of equipment ranging from 800 to 40,000 kg


Pneumatic hoists

The J D NEUHAUS pneumatic hoists offer a wide range of load capacities, ranging from 125 Kg to 100 Tn