Pneumatic hoists

The J D NEUHAUS pneumatic hoists offer a wide range of load capacities, ranging from 125 Kg. To 100 Tn.

They are supplied with different lifting paths and can be equipped with manual, chain and pneumatic travel carts, they also allow to regulate their speed, with the simple pressure of the operator's finger on the button of the control pendant.
They are easy to assemble and operate and have low maintenance.
The necessary pneumatic pressure is 4 or 6 bar.
They are especially indicated to be used in high humidity environments, as well as in areas classified as explosive (ATEX zones).
The EX classification in the standard models is: EX II 2 GD IIA T4 (X) / II 3 GD II T4 (X).
The EX classification in non-sparking models is: Ex II 2 GD IIC T4 (X).

Catálogo Polipastos PROFI JDN de 025 a 100 Tn
Catálogo mini JDN de 125 a 1000Kg