Bale transport line

The purpose of this installation is to transport bales or "bundles" with a maximum weight of 4 kg and approximate dimensions (length x width x height) 480 x 280 x 300 mm. Each "bundle" groups several packages of smaller size, forming a plastic wrap. The packages contain personal hygiene consumables.

The bales come from a motorized roller conveyor, and our installation accumulates them and transfers them to another roller conveyor that routes them to the next phase of the process.

The installation consists of five conveyors, there being a first (T1) that receives the product, a second (T2) that references the bales so that when they pass to the next conveyor they are to the right of it. Next are the accumulators (T4 and T5), which deliver the bales to the final conveyor (T5). The latter is giving way to the bales one by one towards the roller conveyor of the next stage.

Because each conveyor has a different function, different types of modular band have been chosen for each one.