"Pressure equipment" is any element designed and manufactured to contain fluids at a pressure greater than 0.5 bar (kg / cm2).

Obligations of the users.

1 - Know and apply the instructions of the manufacturer with regard to use, safety measures and maintenance.

2 - Do not operate the installation if the requirements of the pressure equipment regulation are not met.

3 - Have the following documentation: EC declaration of conformity; manual; installation certificate; Minutes of the last periodic review.

4 - Order the carrying out of the corresponding periodic inspections and also carry out the necessary repairs as indicated in the regulations.

5 - Report any accident that has occurred.

Periodics inspections

Depending on the category of the equipment, which is established in article 9 of Royal Decree 769/1999, it is necessary to carry out different levels of inspection and with different periodicity.

Sidemsa can legalize (Level A inspection) all types of pressure equipment whatever the volume, pressure and fluid contained in it.

Sidemsa can legalize (Level B and C inspection) only compressed air pressure equipment when the product

Pmáx x V (bar x liters) be ≤ 5000

In all other cases, Sidemsa will prepare the operations (Level B: calibration of the safety valve, Level C: re hydrostatic pressure and calibration of the safety valve) to be supervised by an OCA inspector (authorized control body), upon request to the same on our part.